During their second COVID-19 summer, unvaccinated tweens are struggling.

Here’s how you can help them cope.

There’s a question being whispered among parents of 11-year-olds these days: Have you gotten them vaccinated yet?

The move runs afoul of medical advice, as the FDA has only approved Pfizer’s COVID-19 shots for ages 12 and up. (Vaccines for kids 11 and younger aren’t expected to roll out until September at the earliest.) But it’s not all that tricky to pull off, according to one anonymous mom, who recently managed it with her daughter. At a drugstore they’d never visited before, she told the staff that her 11-year-old’s birth date on the insurance card was a typo.

The daughter’s already severe anxiety had been exacerbated by the pandemic, to the point that she was terrified to go to school in a

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