Why getting your kid’s head in the clouds is a good thing

Cloud watching provides lessons in science and creativity.

It might sound super retro, but cloud watching actually has lots of benefits for children. Of course, being able to spot and understand the different types of clouds is a fun, accessible way to teach kids valuable science skills—and maybe even how to predict the weather. It fosters observation skills and creativity as well.

But skimming the skies can also be healthy for kids’ mental health, something experts say children need especially now as they deal with the stress and tension that's been building up over the past few years. 

“Their sympathetic nervous system—that fight or flight or freeze mode—is on all the time,” says Megan Tudor, assistant clinical professor of pediatrics at the University of California Davis MIND Institute. “We have to give children a chance to turn it off, to just relax. And cloud watching is perfect for that.”

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