Help! My kid’s school is still virtual.

Many families are faced with another semester of at-home learning. Here’s advice from the parents who’ve been homeschooling for years.

When schools started shutting down in the spring to prevent the spread of COVID-19, parents suddenly found themselves in the unfamiliar role of substitute teachers. While schools scrambled to figure out how to educate children from afar, moms and dads struggled to help with a slew of online assignments and fill hours normally taken up by classroom instruction.

One solace: that summer was coming soon, and that school life would go back to normal in the fall. But as infection rates spike in parts of the country, many districts have announced they’ll continue with virtual learning as the school year starts, either through a hybrid version of in-school plus at-home instruction, or classes that are totally virtual.

Parents are rightfully concerned. But they’re not alone. Almost two million children were already being homeschooled before the coronavirus slammed schoolhouse doors shut, and those parents know a thing or two about what happens when the living room becomes the classroom. Here’s advice from parents who have been homeschooling their children for years.