Parent vs. kid

Five family vacation spots where everyone gets what they want. (No, really!)

It’s the wail heard around the world: “But what about me?!?” Vacation planning parents have either heard it from their kids or thought it themselves. When the scale tips too far in favor of Dad’s obsession with world history or your youngest’s dinosaur fixation, someone in the family is not going to be happy. But you can banish those allornothing vacations with a bit of compassion and compromise. These five spots offer activities kids will love, lessons parents can get behind, and vacations that meet everyone’s demands.

The opportunity to understand Canadian aboriginal history has you excited, but the mere mention of “culture” has kids running for their iPads.

How to Make Everyone Happy: Look for tours where interaction is high and group numbers are low. On Seawolf Adventures—an aboriginal owned and operated company— stories flow naturally as you head into First Nations’ territory. No lectures. Just a chance to meet people whose ancestors first walked these shores. Even kids who shrug off history will be swayed when they glimpse a cub in the Great Bear Rain Forest, or watch orcas leap alongside their zodiac. Forget Snapchat streaks. Kids will care more about this off-the-grid experience they didn’t even know they wanted.