A Nat Geo explorer’s advice for raising plastic-conscious kids

Environmental engineer and National Geographic Explorer Jenna Jambeck made a startling research discovery in 2015: About 8.8 million tons of plastic enter the ocean each year. That's why she’s working with governments and the public to come up with solutions for the plastic-waste crisis.

But Jambeck has another important constituency: her two sons. We chatted about how she balances her passion for reducing plastic waste with being a busy mom trying to raise a family of waste warriors.

JENNA JAMBECK: My kids have been to a few of my talks, and they understand the issue pretty well. I’m an action type of person, so when we as a family talk about problems in the world, we talk about what we can do to solve them. I don’t think they get overwhelmed and sad about it because that’s not the way that I approach it—I try to model optimism for them.

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