7 days of spring break

Take kids on a different ‘trip’ each day—and sneak in some learning

No plans to get out of town for spring break? No problem. 

We’ve created a sampler of seven different staycation activities, one for each day of the week and all with a learning component. But don’t worry … these ideas are so fun your kid won’t figure that out.

DISCOVER what biodiversity means—and what kids can do to preserve it. Researching national parks can show children why biological diversity (the variety of life in a place or on Earth) is important for the health of plants, animals, and humans. A great place to explore biodiversity is the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The park’s mix of plant-covered mountains, abundant rainfall, and high summer humidity nurtures a mind-boggling variety of life that’s reliant on the health of the entire ecosystem, including synchronous fireflies and 30 species of salamanders. Show kids how the park’s careful monitoring of human impact on the land also helps preserve its biodiversity.

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