STEM tricks to teach your at-home cooks

These tasty experiments double as tips for parents to up their chef skills.

Your kids probably won’t get too excited over an impromptu science lesson—unless it means mixing up an experiment they can eat. And it turns out lots of easy techniques that chefs use rely on STEM-ready concepts. We asked them to share their best science-based cooking secrets to help get food on the table and sneak in some academics.

What they’ll learn about: Viscosity

What they’ll do: Let the kids fill a clear measuring cup to what they think is one cup of any liquid. Place it on a flat surface and have them look at it at eye level. They’ll see that the liquid isn’t flat—it dips in the center. That’s the meniscus—the point where chemists measure liquids. Kids will discover that what looked like the right amount from above is actually more or less liquid than they thought.

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