Communicating with your kid's teacher looks different this year. But it's crucial to student success.

Educators offer parents advice on staying in touch despite at-home distance learning.

With the coronavirus pandemic still gripping the United States, many parents are concerned about how their kids will learn and thrive in such uncertain times—especially as so many students are back in some kind of distance learning. One of the best ways to ensure a child’s success? Establishing a good relationship with their teachers.

Prior to the pandemic, parents could speak with teachers through regularly scheduled in-person meetings, quick conversations during pickup and drop-off, or chance encounters during sporting events, school plays, or other events. Even so, many kept communication to a minimum, says Kimberly Diefenbach, a first-grade teacher at Mineral Point Elementary School in Wisconsin, who’s been teaching for 14 years.

“A lot of parents would tell us, if we don’t hear anything, no news is good news,” she says.