Why tiny art can be huge for kids

Free Little Art Galleries are fun for families to experience—and can also help boost kids’ brainpower.

Joanna Carden and her daughter Emma have made several stops at a small wooden box in their Capitol Hill neighborhood in Washington, D.C. The box looks like the Free Little Libraries that have become so popular throughout the country—but with a twist. Instead of books that passersby can take and leave, this box contains art.

“My daughter loves all things art-related,” Carden says. “She spends most of her time at home creating different types of art, so I knew she'd be interested.”

She was right. On that visit, Emma found another child's drawing of a unicorn. Also a unicorn enthusiast, Emma immediately chose to take the art home. “On our walk home, we talked about making her own piece of art to put in the gallery,” Carden says. “She's already planning out what she wants to make.” 

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