Your guide to composting with kids

This easy-to-make compost bin plus some fun activities will help children turn garbage into gardening gold.

Juliane Crump remembers lifting the lid off her composting bucket in front of first graders. “Half went ‘Ew!’ and half went ‘Wow!’” says Crump, who’s a founding member of the Planeteers, a sustainability group at Roosevelt Elementary School in Burbank, California. “Kids start to look at waste not as trash but as something that has another life.”

According to the latest numbers from the Environmental Protection Agency, Americans compost about half a pound of food and yard trimmings every day. That’s good news, because composting that waste instead of putting it in landfills helps prevent climate change. How? Each year, composting prevents about the equivalent of 307,216 gasoline-powered passenger cars’ yearly greenhouse gas emissions from being added to the atmosphere. 

(Read more about composting’s impact on the environment here.)

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