Photograph by Hung Chung Chih, Shutterstock
Photograph by Hung Chung Chih, Shutterstock

Help your kid make the world better

Who doesn’t want their kids to make the world a better place? And children want to make the world better. Inspire them to step up to the challenge with these practical, positive, and powerful ideas from Nat Geo Family.


Make the world better—with kindness

Children who are kind feel better about themselves and often generate the same positive feelings in those around them. But they don’t necessarily get there on their own. Kids need positive role models (ie, you!) as well as practice. Check out these simple ideas that will bring out the kindness in your kid. With kindness comes gratitude. Teach your kids the importance of being thankful.

Make the world better—with art

Sure, art can make you feel good—whether you’re creating it or looking at it. But keeping art in kids’ lives also helps them understand different perspectives, making them more open to new ideas that can help the world. Keep them inspired by art with these ideas. Create for plastic-free crafts.
Cooking is also an art! Bring children’s creativity into the kitchen—and some goodness to the dinner table—with these kid-friendly recipes.

Make the world better—with activism

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The best way to make the world a better place? Change what isn’t working! Grow kids’ confidence by getting them involved in issues they care about, and show them that even the smallest efforts can make a big difference. Take a look at these inspiring ways to get involved and promote real change. They might even save the Earth. Keep all these ideas—plus others—in one easy-to-grab place with this free mini-book (pdf). It’s packed with ways kids can truly make the world better.