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Groundbreaking new science is changing what we know about how dinosaurs looked – and how they lived. A fierce, but fluffy Tyrannosaurus rex? A Velociraptor that was more turkey than terror? Incredible fossil finds have dramatically changed our image of dinosaurs – even of the most iconic species! Using cutting-edge new technology, scientists have unearthed the secrets of how dinosaurs looked, lived, and perished.

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An extraordinarily well-preserved dinosaur tail, with a fluffy covering of feathers, lies trapped within a piece of amber. The animal it belonged to would have lived about 99 million years ago. Researchers from China and Canada identify it as a juvenile of some type of coelurosaur, a group that includes birdlike dinosaur species that walked on two legs. But because the bones of the tail are flexible and not fused as in a bird’s tail, the specimen must be a terrestrial dinosaur rather than an actual bird. Lida Xing, first author of the study announcing the discovery, found the amber for sale in a northern Myanmar (Burma) market. Click here to read more about the dinosaur tail.