Anand Varma: Capturing stunning moments in nature

National Geographic Explorer and photographer Anand Varma uses innovative techniques to capture provocative imagery.

Science photographer Anand Varma works to tell the story behind the science of everything from primate behavior and hummingbird biomechanics — to amphibian disease and forest ecology.

“I focus on capturing photographs and video that evoke wonder,” he says. “I see wonder as a doorway into exploring and valuing the complexity of our world.” 

To do this, Varma has developed innovative techniques that reveal details about creatures that would otherwise be invisible to the naked eye.

Varma’s fascination with nature started when he was young, exploring the woods behind his childhood home in Atlanta. A wilderness school teacher inspired him even further—soon Varma wanted to know the name of every plant and animal that existed.

His fascination and interests in the natural world led to a biology degree from the University of California, Berkeley, and with it, a hobby-turned-career in photography. 

This Explorer's work is funded by the National Geographic Society
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