Explore Thousands of Streets Named for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Almost immediately after the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., cities began honoring the civil rights leader by renaming streets after him. Half a century later his name now graces boulevards and byways in hundreds of communities across the globe.

From Africa to Europe, from dirt roads on the outskirts of São Paulo, Brazil, to ocean-side thoroughfares in the Caribbean, explore the streets that pay tribute to King below.

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No comprehensive global index of the streets named for King exists, but there are more than a thousand entries for such eponymous streets in OpenStreetMap, the publicly maintained database where citizens around the world can add and edit road maps.

This interactive pairs those records with Google Street View images, where available, to provide a glimpse of the places where King’s name and legacy have become part of the landscape.

Read more about the significance of these street name salutes in our feature Where the Streets Have MLK's Name.

Ryan Morris and Brad Scriber, NG Staff.
SOURCES: OpenStreetMap; Google
NOTE: Map may not reflect National Geographic cartographic policy for international boundaries and/or place names.