Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is like no other Natural Wonder of the World I’ve covered. Rather than one specific destination, it spans a massive 1,200 miles, an area the size of Italy along Queensland’s northwest coast. And so much of it is invisible until you literally dive below the surface. Yet few places on the planet give us a better look at the fantastic natural diversity of our world. Our expedition will take us more than 600 miles north to south, exploring not only what lies below the waves, but also the entire reef ecosystem including freshwater rivers that ring the coast, mangrove swamps, and the gorgeous landscape of the Whitsunday Islands. We’ll fly, sail, drive, hike, and snorkel to capture everything from a bird’s-eye view to a fish-eye view. What a challenge—expressing the beauty and magnitude of this epic and largely underwater Wonder. Even more surprising—this is the lightest I’ve ever boarded an airplane for a photography assignment. All I’m taking into the field is my Surface Pro and three Lumia smartphones. Tackling my most enormous Natural Wonder with the least equipment ever—hard to believe the great things this technology lets me do.

1 of 1 Taken with a Lumia 950 XL