Life in a Refugee Camp, As Seen By Children

Syrian refugee children use photography to capture their new reality.

Of the over 4.2 million refugees who have fled the conflict in Syria, half are children, according to the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR)

Children in refugee camps are denied many of the joys of a typical childhood and are forced to accept this with few ways of expressing how they feel. Exile Voices, a five-year project created by photographer Reza and organized through the Reza Visual Academy with UNHCR, aims to change this reality by training children in refugee camps in photography.

In the words of Maya Rostam, a child refugee who joined the Exile Voices project when she was 11, "I want to learn about photography because I believe that, using photography, the world can see what I feel, what we are experiencing.”

These photos were taken by children in the Exile Voices project.