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Time Traveling With Coral

Historical ecologist Jonathan Cybulski dives for answers


Oceans Tomorrow

Into the Blue

Throughout its history, Hong Kong has been shaped by its relationship with the sea, from its origins as a collection of fishing villages, to its longstanding role as one of the world's largest and most important ports and trade centers, to the many natural wonders found in and around the territory's richly biodiverse waters. Centuries of human activity, however, have come at a price, and Hong Kong's marine ecosystem is today at a critical juncture.
Produced for the Swire TrustTomorrow initiative by National Geographic Creative Works, Oceans Tomorrow explores the incredible world that lies beneath Hong Kong's waves, examining the various factors that threaten its health and existence, and identifying the actions we must take to preserve it for future generations.
6000 species
of marine life
in Hong Kong waters with an uncertain future
16.5 tonnes
of waste
are dumped into Hong Kong's sea every year

Less Than 3% Of Hong Kong Waters Are Protected, Compared To 38% Of Its Land.

Find out more about the marine protected areas here.


Protecting Hong Kong's Waters

That's my mission to find out the story of what's happened.
So we can author a better future.

- Jonathan Cybulski

National Geographic Explorer
Marine Ecologist

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