Genographic Project — Update

The Genographic Project was launched in 2005 as a research project in collaboration with scientists and universities around the world with a goal of revealing patterns of human migration. Since then, nearly 1 million people have participated in The Genographic Project through National Geographic’s “Geno” DNA Ancestry kits. In accordance with notifications previously posted on the Genographic website, the public participation phase of this research project has ended and National Geographic has discontinued the Geno website.

Users of the Geno 2.0 Next Gen Helix Co-branded Kit:

Please contact Helix directly with any questions regarding your Helix account and Helix saliva sample or data retention policies. Helix shared with National Geographic only the portion of information resulting from sequencing the user’s DNA that was needed by National Geographic to provide the user with their deep ancestry insights. National Geographic did not receive or store any saliva samples relating to users of the Geno 2.0 Next Gen Helix Co-branded Kits.

Kits Purchased Prior to September 2015:

If you purchased a Geno 2.0 or Geno 1.0 Kit prior to September 2015, never submitted a sample, and have proof of your original purchase, please contact customer service at

Please see our FAQ page for more information.