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research interns standing on top of a house on the coast of Eastern Egg Rock, Boothbay Harbor, Maine
August 16, 2014

Birds' Egg

"Seven-acre Eastern Egg Rock is an Audubon research island off Boothbay Harbor, Maine, that's home to the world's first restored seabird colony," writes Barbara Ernst, a member of our Your Shot community. Puffins and guillemots nest on nearby granite boulders, while the interior habitat hosts eiders, nesting terns, and laughing gulls.

"We were circling the island by boat looking for puffins when the student interns (the only people on the island) climbed on top of the house and started waving to the only people they probably saw all day. They sleep in the small tents, and the little house you see is their kitchen/work area. I was drawn to the drama of the scene and the emotion of the story it told."

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Photograph by Barbara Ernst, National Geographic Your Shot

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