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a dead tree overlooking Crater Lake with the Milky Way above, Oregon
July 22, 2015

The Show at Crater Lake

Specializing for the past four years in what he calls astrophotographic landscapes, Your Shot member Keith Marsh has captured the Milky Way in locations from Alaska to Cuba. He photographed Oregon’s Crater Lake looking south from the north rim, where the Milky Way is brightest. “I also wanted to have something in the foreground for additional interest and spent several hours during the day searching for just the right spot,” he writes. “As it turned out, this old dead tree is very popular with photographers, and over a period of several hours there were as many as 20 photographers huddled in this same spot.” The lights on the horizon are from Klamath Falls, Oregon, about 60 miles away.

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Photograph by Keith Marsh, National Geographic Your Shot

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