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a dancer's shadow, Palais de Congres, Montreal
February 3, 2014

Of Silhouettes and Pirouettes

Your Shot contributor Tanya Kirnishi captured the shadow of a ballerina friend at Montreal's Palais des Congrès, a meeting and convention center known for its multicolored facade. "We had been exploring the neighborhood, and when we saw the colored light falling on the ground, we wanted to experiment a little," Kirnishi says.

"There is something very magical and playful about the colors, so [ballet] poses seemed like a natural fit, equally beautiful and mysterious. I wanted only the hint of my friend's body in the frame of the shot so that the focus could be on her shadow. This way, the shadow and the lights were almost part of another world, playing off of each other."

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Photograph by Tanya Kirnishi, National Geographic Your Shot

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