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two people dancing, Sir Frances Drake Hotel, San Francisco
April 11, 2015

Come Dancing

The light and shimmer of the Starlight Room at San Francisco’s Sir Frances Drake Hotel absorbs a couple moved to dance the tango. “I heard the tango music while I was setting up my camera on a tripod,” writes Your Shot member Visarut Teerawatvichaikul, who visited the lounge while at work on a school project. “Suddenly, I saw one couple run up to the dance floor. They danced like a shadow among the stars. I was watching them dance for a while, and I felt like time was paused in that moment between me and them, so I took a shot.”

Teerawatvichaikul’s photo was recently published in the Street Photography assignment.

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Photograph by Visarut Teerawatvichaikul, National Geographic Your Shot

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