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dolphins in the Bahamas
April 3, 2014


"I was in Bimini in the Bahamas shooting hammerhead sharks, and after a few weeks I decided to take a break and see if we could get a good dolphin encounter," says Nadia Aly, a member of our Your Shot community. "We headed out in the afternoon and spotted the dolphins pretty much right away."

Aly had been in the water for nearly two hours when she captured this shot. "The dolphins were mostly feeding on the bottom, and every so often they would come up for a breath, check me out, and go back down. This moment was magical. Suddenly all the dolphins below came up to the surface, and it was so beautiful. The waves, the dolphins, the sun—everything is moving. Keeping your eye on the prize, looking for that perfect moment, is what it’s all about."

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Photograph by Nadia Aly, National Geographic Your Shot

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