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a herd of elephants at Mashatu game reserve in Botswana
June 23, 2014

Mashatu Herd

"For years I have been fascinated by elephants and elephant herds," writes Your Shot member Jaco Marx. "I've traveled to Chobe in northern Botswana quite often to photograph them in large numbers, enjoying the sight of hundreds of elephants at a time. I came across an article on photographing from an underground hide in southeastern Botswana at the Mashatu Game Reserve, an opportunity to get really close to the animals from an interesting perspective."

The hide gave Marx a mouse's-eye view of the elephants. "I waited until the young ones concentrated around one female and took a group shot. The sky was moody dark, with clouds all over, which at first concerned me but eventually added a lot of atmosphere to the picture."

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Photograph by Jaco Marx, National Geographic Your Shot

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