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A surfer standing on an icy pier
September 30, 2011

Ice Surfer, Lake Michigan

This Month in Photo of the Day: Your Photos With Tips From Photographer Catherine Karnow

I love the serenity of this shot. In photography, we’re always after capturing the moment. But sometimes it’s powerful not to seize the moment, but to show utter stillness instead. The fact that there is no moment and no gesture, that in fact nothing is happening at all, emphasizes the surfer's serenity. And because he’s standing still, we notice the graceful, curved shape of his wetsuit, which contrasts with the sharpness of the surfboard and icicles. Finally, the stillness of the subject allows the viewer to also be still while looking at the image—and to perhaps feel as the surfer does.

Photo Tip: Capturing the moment is not always necessary in photography. Sometimes having no moment is more effective.

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Photograph by Mike Killion, My Shot

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