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a laborer carrying large chunks of sulfur in Indonesia
February 16, 2016

The Devil's Gold

Your Shot member Maciej Dakowicz had always wanted to see Kawah Ijen in Indonesia and made sure to find his way to the crater on his first visit to the country, despite the arduous path to get there: a two-hour uphill hike, followed by 45 minutes of trekking down into the crater. Although only at the crater on Java Island for a few hours, Dakowicz had "a very memorable day." He watched miners go up and down the crater, doing the dangerous job of carrying heavy baskets of sulfur, sometimes called devil's gold. Every day, 300 or so miners make the two-mile climb to the top of the volcano and haul out 150 to 200 pounds of sulfur at a time.

Dakowicz’s shot was recently featured in the Daily Dozen.

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Photograph by Maciej Dakowicz, National Geographic Your Shot

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