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lightning strikes off the shore of the Caspian Sea
August 13, 2012

Lightning, Iran

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After three years I went to visit my family in Iran. We traveled to the city of Mahmood Abad in the north of Iran and had the most amazing time together. One night as I was walking on the shore of the Caspian Sea with my sister, I saw distant lightning. I ran to the hotel, grabbed my camera and tripod, and came back. I took many long exposures, but it was only in the second shot that I captured the biggest, most beautiful, and the last lightning of that night.

(This photo and caption were submitted to My Shot.)

What Makes This a Photo of the Day? Extreme weather pictures are popular with viewers, so I’m always happy to find one that’s well executed—and the colors are gorgeous. —Alexa Keefe, Photo of the Day editor

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Photograph by AmirAli Sharifi, Your Shot

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