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a marmot standing near a lake in Ladakh, India
June 29, 2014

Marmot Watch

“This photo was taken during a 100-kilometer [62-mile] trekking trip in Ladakh, India, at an altitude of 4,500 meters [14,763 feet]," writes Your Shot member Sebastian Wahlhuetter. "I was at Lake Tso Kar, one of the highest saltwater lakes on Earth. I [had been] watching the marmots for a couple of days, and I was wondering if I might be able to get a close-up shot from a very short distance, covering not only the animal but also the stunning environment these creatures were living in. It took me one desperate evening and a very successful morning for the final outcome. With literally hundreds of holes it was quite a task of observation to figure out where these animals would eventually appear next."

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Photograph by Sebastian Wahlhuetter, National Geographic Your Shot

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