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Picture ID: 933527 Published Location: NGM 06/1953 785 UP Picture File: IR14472 933527 Submitter: B. A. STEWART AND DAVID S. BOYER Copyright: 04 (NO PAYMENT, NO PERMISSION) Subject: Legend: Woman communicates with orangutan mopping his own enclosure. Summary: color image,photography,indoors,zoological society of london,london zoo,london,greater london,england,great britain,northern european descent,one person,adult,women,one woman only,sitting,pointing,talking,mop,bucket,rag,communication,wildlife,one animal,orangutan,pongo pygmaeus,rare,endangered,standing,cleaning,chore,nature,man and nature,togetherness,conservation,captivity,zoos,1950s,full length,front view,low angle view Location: London, Greater London, England, Great Britain.
May 16, 2009

Orangutan, London Zoo

This Month in Photo of the Day: Images From National Geographic Books

A London Zoo favorite is Mr. Jiggs, a six-year-old orangutan capable of mopping his own quarters.

From the National Geographic book National Geographic Image Collection.

Photograph by B. A. Stewart and David S. Boyer

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