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the Yuangyang rice terraces in Yunnan Province, China
May 5, 2014

Fields of Old

"This land symbolizes the rhythm of the people, as it was formed through generations of farmers shaping it with irrigation," says John Qu, a member of our Your Shot community. "It is a rare phenomenon of man-made beauty disguised as a natural occurrence."

Qu captured the photo of the Yuanyang rice terraces while traveling in China's Yunnan Province. "I've traveled to this place multiple times, purposely in the winter, when the rice terraces are flooded. I've gone through the entire area and observed that the light at sunset, with the reflection and high angle, would make the terraces look more like a piece of abstract art, yet with real trees and huts. The shot was taken from a mountain above. I waited a few days for the perfect moment."

The picture recently appeared in the Your Shot Daily Dozen.

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Photograph by John Qu, National Geographic Your Shot

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