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a flock of sheep in China
September 16, 2013

Sheep Encounter, China

This Month in Photo of the Day: The Stories Behind Your Shots

Steven Chou was on his way back to Lhasa from Kashgar in remote western China—"a long, tough way"—when he encountered "a big gold-pit truck preparing to go back to Lhasa too." Chou, a member of National Geographic's Your Shot photo community, got a lift from the truck's Tibetan driver. He describes this shot as one glimpse from his seven-day journey on board.

"I could feel the earth shaking" as the sheep ran, he says. "At that moment I was completely shocked … They just ran across our [path] without any fear, and at that time my mind was empty but for the word 'free.'"

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Photograph by Steven Chou, Your Shot

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