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a surfer on Manhattan Beach, Los Angeles
March 11, 2014

Wave of Industry

"A lone surfer returns from the sea, bathed in the sodium light of an onshore industrial site," writes Your Shot member John Goodman of this picture, a Daily Dozen selection. Goodman, who spends a fair amount of time at this spot just north of Manhattan Beach in Los Angeles, says he enjoys photographing surfers in their element.

"This shot was somewhat different for me because I usually shoot surfers in action, riding the waves," he says. "But the overcast conditions made for an unusually uniform cool, blue dusk that evening, which was complemented by the orange sodium lights. Once I saw that, it was just a matter of patient waiting until one of the last surfers out of the water entered the frame on his way home."

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Photograph by John K. Goodman, National Geographic Your Shot

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