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Table Mountain enveloped in fog, Cape Town, South Africa
April 12, 2015

Cloud Cover

Table Mountain wears her distinctive blanket while Cape Town flickers below in this picture by Brendon Wainwright, a member of our Your Shot community. Taking advantage of a beautiful day, Wainwright had hiked with friends to the top of Lion’s Head in the Table Mountain range. “Most people know [that] when the southeasterly wind is blowing it is unpleasant, strong, and irritating; however, not the case on Lion's Head, which is situated between Table Mountain and Signal Hill,” says Wainwright. “As a result of the southeaster, [we saw] a magical 'tablecloth' cloud phenomenon ... formed over Table Mountain.”

Wainwright’s image was recently featured in Your Shot’s Daily Dozen.

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Photograph by Brendon Wainwright, National Geographic Your Shot

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