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timber wolves in a wildlife facility in Indiana
February 27, 2014

Crying Wolves

"Wolves are especially hard to photograph in the wild," writes Petra Warner, a member of National Geographic Your Shot. "This picture was taken at Wolf Park in Indiana, a wildlife and research facility primarily focused on wolves but also on foxes, coyotes, and bison. Not only do they do a wonderful job with wildlife conservation, but they also increase awareness via education and photo workshops."

While attending one of the photo workshops, Warner had the opportunity to see the animals up close. "I specifically chose a winter's day so that the timber wolves would stand out against the snow, and one howl from a staff member sent this group of wolves a-howling—and thus this picture."

This photo was submitted to Your Shot. Check out the new and improved website, where you can share photos, take part in assignments, lend your voice to stories, and connect with fellow photographers from around the globe.

Photograph by Petra Warner, National Geographic Your Shot

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