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a man training a horse in Utah
January 13, 2016

Urban Cowboy

A man trains a horse at his mother’s ranch in Utah. Photographer Brice Portolano was trying to “get the horse's shadow in its own dust cloud.”

Portolano visited the man, Ben, and his wife, Katherine, several times to learn about their self-sustaining lifestyle in urban Salt Lake City. “They have organized their house and backyard in order to produce most of their own food,” Portolano explains. “Each fall, Ben leaves Salt Lake City and drives into the mountains of northeastern Utah to hunt elk and game birds. With a horse in tow, he hikes up the 10,000-foot-high mountains where he can spend up to a week tracking elk.”

Portolano’s shot was recently featured in the Daily Dozen.

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Photograph by Brice Portolano, National Geographic Your Shot

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