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Vestrahorn mountain in southeastern Iceland
January 13, 2015

A Curtain Lifts

Rain and fog nearly spoiled Your Shot member Johan Brouwer’s plan to photograph lava dunes during sunset near Stokksnes in southeastern Iceland. “I was looking for other opportunities to make the most out of the moment,” Brouwer writes. “I saw this great reflection of lava dunes in the water, and suddenly the fog disappeared partly, which gave the whole scene a mystical appearance.”

To get this shot, taken below Vestrahorn mountain, Brouwer focused on the reflections with his camera on a tripod, protecting it against the wind and rain. “The wind stopped very briefly, and I was able to take the picture. A few seconds later the fog came back and the wind and rain continued.”

Brouwer’s picture recently appeared in Your Shot’s Daily Dozen.

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Photograph by Johan Brouwer, National Geographic Your Shot

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