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A woman sitting on Bondi Beach
August 5, 2012

Bondi Beach, Australia

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As I walked along Bondi Beach in Australia I came across this woman in red. I watched her as she fed the seagulls and enjoyed the calmness. When I finally had a chat with her she told me she was from England and has been living in Australia for two years. She told me that every day since she's lived there, she would go to the market and get the seagulls leftover food for free. When I asked her why she did it, she told me the seagulls can’t do it. They give her peace; she gives them food.

(This photo and caption were submitted to My Shot.)

What Makes This a Photo of the Day? The layers in this photograph are what I find the most interesting—the woman at far right, the seagulls flying overhead, and the surfer in the distance looking toward the woman. This creates a pleasing circular dynamic. —Alexa Keefe, Photo of the Day editor

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Photograph by Dylan Maras, My Shot

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