Photo of the Day: Best of August

Every day, we feature an image chosen from thousands submitted to our photo community, Your Shot. Here are some highlights from August.

A strong caption can enhance a strong image.

Providing descriptive details helps the audience better understand and appreciate a striking picture: Why is that fish swimming amid a jellyfish's tentacles? A good caption helps tell the story behind the photo.

A well-thought-out caption can also make the photo a more immersive experience for the viewer. I felt a jolt of adrenaline reading about the sights and sounds the photographer experienced before the sun rose in his photo. Knowing the stormy conditions the photographer endured to get his shot gave me goosebumps.

The foundation for stunning photography often rests on illuminating caption writing.

Francis Rivera is the producer of Photo of the Day, a curated look at photography from National Geographic’s photo community, Your Shot . Melody Rowell writes and researches the captions. Submit your photos and you could be published online or in our magazines.