Pictures Show East Coast Coping With Bomb Cyclone

For those brave enough to endure it, the storm is both frightening and beautiful.

The new year has started off with a bang—or a bomb to be more precise.

A bomb cyclone (also called a weather bomb and bombogenesis) is sweeping through the eastern United States, bringing intense hurricane-force winds, blizzard conditions, and rare snowfall for some southern states.

These intense wintry conditions were ushered in by what meteorologists technically refer to as a midlatitude cyclone. The "bomb" terminology refers to an intense drop of pressure by at least 24 millibars (a unit used to measure atmospheric pressure) in under 24 hours.

As the storm moves through, winter air from the northern polar vortex is expected to sweep in. Subzero temperatures will be felt in some regions, and record lows could be broken in some cities.

Already, people are starting to see damage.

The Weather Channel is reporting whiteout conditions in the Northeast, and tens of thousands have already lost power.

While many people are hunkered down in their homes, some have braved the elements with cameras in tow.

Photos above show everything from intense ocean swells and immobilized cars to a New York jogger and kid playing in the snow.

Even Niagara Falls has partially frozen.

Into the night, New England will see the worst of what's left of the bomb cyclone before polar vortex air descends, according to the National Weather Service.