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Your best photos of the week, November 2, 2018

Each week, our editors choose stunning photos submitted by members of Your Shot, National Geographic's photo community.

Looking through photos each week on Your Shot is nothing short of an honor. The photographers who share their work every day extend their trust to the whole community, not just the editor team. Sometimes the scariest thing to do as a photographer is to share your work for the world to see. The Your Shot community does that every day with the intention of fostering relationships through photography and exchanging inspiration all while learning how to improve their craft.

This week I was invited by a Your Shot photographer, Geoff Livingston, who teaches his students at the George Washington University the importance of digital strategies in the grand scheme of communication. I spoke about the relationships I’ve had the opportunity to build through photography and how the Your Shot platform supports photographers in their journey to learn and share. Through this presentation, I realized that I do impact those who look to me for guidance in photography. I am a resource.

A couple days ago, I couldn’t wait to congratulate a student photographer from my alma mater, the Rochester Institute of Technology, who had been recognized as a College Photographer of Year. She reminded me that I had done an edit for her photo story many years ago. The time I offered her hadn't gone unnoticed and knew she could still turn to me for guidance. That continued trust means the world to me.

Photography is a community experience. We learn from each other. There will always be competition, hopefully healthy competition, but at the end of the day photography should be a medium to harbor community. Being a part of a photographer’s growth is humbling and I hope to always be a source of light and guidance for story-tellers.

Associate Photo Editor Kristen McNicholas looks at daily uploads from Your Shot, starting each day by sifting thousands of photographs. This series is a selection of her favorites from the past week.