How are scientists cracking the mystery of elephant communication? And now that there are 8 billion humans, how is the Earth changing? Plus, how do National Geographic Explorers relate to the Soul of Music?

Discover it all on Overheard at National Geographic. Join us as we set out to explore the secrets of elephants inside Asian forests and across the African desert and savanna. Also, the world’s growing human population is on the verge of shaking up the list of most populous countries. We’ll look at how Nigeria is grappling with rapid growth as China deals with record lows in birth rates. And for Black History Month, sit in on conversations between explorers and world-famous musicians about how nature, history, and culture influence art.

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Meet our hosts

Peter Gwin

Peter Gwin is an editor at large for National Geographic and cohost of the award-winning podcast Overheard. He began as a staff writer for the magazine in 2003, and has contributed stories from an array of far-flung places, including pirates in the Malacca Straits, tyrannosaurs in the Junggar Basin, lost manuscripts in Timbuktu, ship-breakers in Bangladesh, Tuareg rebels in the Aïr Mountains, and Arabian horses in Oman. A native of Fayette County, Georgia, and a graduate of Furman University, he began his career as an English teacher in a small village in northern Botswana.

Amy Briggs

Amy Briggs is executive editor of National Geographic History magazine and cohost of the podcast. She came to National Geographic in 2006 as a book editor, covering a wide range of subjects, including archaeology in the Holy Land, backyard astronomy, and "sea monsters" of the Jurassic. She's the author of several books, including some of the National Geographic Angry Birds series. A graduate of Princeton University, Briggs hails from the great Garden State of New Jersey.