Chile Fever - Feel the Energy

British Airways’ new nonstop flights to Santiago make it easy to explore this South American gem.

Squeezed between the Andes and the Pacific Ocean, Chile is a diverse land that ranges from one of the world’s driest deserts in the north to the rugged wilderness of Patagonia, taking in 2,485 miles of coast. Its people, traditions and culture are a fusion of international influences, from the native Inca people to Europea­­n settlers — no better evidenced than in the pulsing cities of Valparaíso and Santiago. On 3 January 2017, British Airways will revolutionise travel to this remarkable country, opening a new route from Heathrow to Santiago — the first and only direct flight to the Chilean capital from London.

At 14 hours and 40 minutes, the new service will be the carrier’s lengthiest long-haul

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