How Mobile is Moving Boundaries

What happens when we lose all perception of limitations and connect with our potential? We change our minds, ourselves, and our world.

From the Taj Mahal and the Great Wall of China to electric light and wireless communications, all the man-made wonders of the world began in the same place: the human mind.

There is nothing more powerful than an idea. Yet, without the power to put their thoughts into action, many millions of great minds generate brilliant ideas that go nowhere. Where does that power come from? Connection.

Very few of us accomplish anything alone and most of us need resources to realize our visions. Today, success almost certainly requires an unfettered ability to connect to anyone, anywhere, through voice, text, video, and online. Never before have opportunities for exchanging and promoting ideas been so broad. For those without the financial resources to access the very latest mobile technology, the boundaries are breaking down. Where there is a will, there are now several ways.

Today, mobile networks are empowering visionary companies and individuals who need better connections to create positive change around issues like global health, world hunger, and environmental sustainability, safety, and building stronger communities. Game-changing ideas are just the beginning. In order to create change, innovative thinkers need to get in the game. To break down barriers to access and level the playing field, partnerships are key. Leading technology companies are extending a hand, and a leg up, promoting promise.

To further fuel these catalysts, programs like Sprint Accelerator and the 1Million Project are pairing potential with opportunity.

For aspiring entrepreneurs, Sprint Accelerator offers a hub for innovation and engagement, facilitating networking with companies looking to invest in bright ideas. Through connection and engagement comes collaboration, innovation, and growth. By cultivating relationships, leveraging both experience and ambition, challenging limiting mindsets across the board, and targeting resources Sprint Accelerator is fostering new ventures, not only in technology, but also farming, food, sports, and wellness.

By applying to the Corporate Accelerator program, start-ups have an opportunity to connect with corporate sponsors eager to provide resources and mentorship. The Sprint Accelerator’s state-of-the art co-working and event space in Kansas City is home to innovative companies engaged in everything from bioscience communications, and start-up funding to innovative delivery services, supporting songwriters, and promoting better healthcare for dogs.

Recognizing that “potential is everywhere, but opportunity is not” the 1 Million Project was created through a consortium of leading mobile technology companies, philanthropies, foundations, and individual donors to help 1 million high school students without reliable internet access at home to reach their full potential by giving them mobile devices and free high-speed internet access.

The project was launched to address a glaring statistic: 7 in 10 teachers in the U.S. regularly assign homework online,1 yet 5 million families in this country with school-aged kids don’t have internet access.2 Working with schools, teachers, parents and directly with students, the program offers more than access to technology: it offers encouragement and a sense that the world will offer them the access and opportunities they need to realize their dreams.

Beyond programs like this, mobile networks have the potential to weave positive change into everything they do: from their technology, their products, and their corporate cultures to the way they interact with their customers and their communities. Through device recycling and donation to safety and security programs like Sprint’s “Drive First” and Focus on Driving efforts intended to prevent distracted driving and help save lives, these companies are demonstrating how good technology can be a positive force in society.

To this end, Sprint is now a proud sponsor of National Geographic’s Chasing Genius program, designed to help anyone with a great idea for creating positive change around issues of environmental sustainability, global health, and world hunger to realize their dreams. This year’s challenge: if there were no restrictions on connectivity, what could we accomplish? Share your brilliant idea today and you may be the winner of a $25,000 prize to take it to the next level.

To enter visit See Official Rules at

1 Statement of FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel, April, 2015

2 Pew Research Center, April 2015

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