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Tourist sit outside the Museum Brandhorst, a contemporary art museum in Munich.

Photograph by Westend61, Getty Images


Discover the Best of Munich

Ten must-do activities in Munich.


Head to the English Garden, located right in Munich. It's one of the world's largest urban parks with an area of 1.4 square miles. Approximately 50 to 60 different species of birds breed here enjoying the streams, trees and open meadows.

Natural Wonder

The Isar River runs through the center of Munich but originates in the Austrian Alps and is loved by locals. It offers miles of beautiful shorelines, extensive walking and cycling paths. On sunny days its shores are lined with locals enjoying a picnic or birdwatching. The more adventurous can do a rafting trip.

Archeological Site

The Roman Limes are one of the most impressive archaeological sites in Europe. They mark the former Roman boundaries that existed around 2,000 years ago consisting of forts, watchtowers and walls guarded by the Roman Empire. They stretch from the Rhine River to the Danube River near Regensburg, just 90 minutes away from Munich. They're also a UNESCO Site.

Cultural Site

Dachau Concentration Camp is a somber but important site located just 10 miles from Munich. Visitors can take a guided tour from Munich or arrange for a guide once they're there. On an entirely different note, check out both the Alte and Neue Pinakothek. They're art museums with extensive collections of major European art and 19th-century art, respectively.

Best Day Trip

One of the most popular day trips is to Neuschwanstein, the castle of the mad King Ludwig II that inspired the Disney Castle. It's also worth checking out Linderhof Palace, his only finished palace and one that's beautifully landscaped. It's possible to visit both of them in a day.

Late Night

Head to the Feierbanane, or in English, the Party Banana. It's the area between Sendlinger Tor and Maximilansplatz that's lined with clubs. You'll find everything from student specials to a posh evening out and music for all tastes. It's not uncommon for as many as 13,000 partygoers to be hanging out in this area on a weekend.

Historic Site

Viktualien Market originated as a farmer's market in the 1800s but has become a popular market and delicatessen. You can find ingredients here that you won't find elsewhere in the city. The 140 stalls provide a wide variety to suit everyone's tastes. There's even a beer garden.

Local Quirk

Munich is home to hundreds of beer gardens each with their own unique flair. For example, the Hirschgarten is the largest beer garden in Europe with 8,000 seats and provides the opportunity to view deer as a nod to the area's former hunting grounds for royalty. There's also the Waldwirtschaft Grosshesselohe, a beer garden in the south of Munich along the Isar River that plays jazz music. The beer gardens are family friendly and many even have playgrounds.

Neighborhood to Explore

Visit Haidhausen, the French Quarter and you'll almost forget that you're in Munich as all the streets have French names. It's also one of the most beautiful areas in the city and can easily be explored on foot. Pop into the small locally owned shops and then recharge at one of the many cafes and restaurants in the area.

Best Rainy Day Attraction

It might sound strange to go to a swimming pool while you're in Munich but the Müller'sches Volksbad is one of the most beautiful swimming pools in all of Europe. Its indoor art nouveau baths will make you feel like you're stepping back in time.