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10 Must-Have Experiences in British Columbia

Discover awe-inducing activities in Canada's westernmost province.

From Victoria and Vancouver to the Northern Rocky Mountains, British Columbia encompasses 148 ecological reserves, over 1,030 provincial parks, and over 10,000 years of First Nations history and tradition.

Traveling through Canada’s westernmost province provides the opportunity to see an overwhelming abundance of flora and fauna, including the Kermode “Spirit Bear,” the enigmatic marbled murrelet, and the Vancouver Island marmot, one of the rarest mammals on the planet.

There are rainforest hot springs and front row-seats to ocean squalls that will have the kid in you squealing in awe and surprise. Ski the backcountry. Catch some cool Canadian surf. Try a taste of delicate sea urchin (that First Nations people have dined on for centuries). And experience British Columbia the best way you can–outside.

Cait Etherton is a frequent contributor to National Geographic Travel. Follow her journey on Twitter.

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