Stroll America’s most walkable cities

From Portland to New Orleans, slow down for the perfect stroll in these beautiful cities.

There’s nothing like the freedom and spontaneity of exploring a city entirely on foot. You stumble upon places the tour guides skip, meet locals along the way, and enjoy the scents and sounds you’d miss from inside a car. (Explore the cities of the future.)

Many U.S. cities are quite walkable, especially those built before 1950, according to urban planners. For city-dwellers, using the popular tool Walkscore is a good way to gauge walkability. Navigating a city on foot is one thing, but a traveler’s true question is: Why would I want to? Does the city offer visually appealing architecture, nature, or landmarks? Do trees canopy the streets? Is traffic slow?

Incorporating insights from urban experts, including Robert Steuteville of the Congress for the New Urbanism, here are walking itineraries for 10 cities where you can practice the art of taking a stroll.