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Bus2Antarctica Video: The Rare Black Penguin

Antarctica’s South Georgia Island has a population of several

million penguins. I know that for a fact because I think I took that

many pictures of them. One of those penguins happened to be

black–all black–and perhaps you noticed, that one penguin’s been

getting a bit of attention lately. Several people have asked if I got

any video of this rare bird and I kept shrugging my shoulders and

saying “no, no, too bad.” That is, until today. After unpacking, doing

laundry and finally sifting through my million-and-one penguin shots, I

located this one shot clip of the beloved and ultra-unique all-black

penguin. Here he is folks. — Andrew Evans

Andrew Evans traveled 10,000 miles–by bus–from Washington D.C. to Antarctica for National Geographic Traveler and has tweeted about his travels at @Bus2Antarctica. Follow the map of his journey, bookmark all of his blog posts, watch videos, and get the full story on the project here.

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