Mexico City by iPhone

Though my life resembles a nonstop vacation, it’s not very often that I simply take a trip for the sake of taking a trip.

Travel is always thrilling for me, but it’s also my job, so I was grateful for the chance to take a few days off and explore Mexico City, sans internet or any heavy cameras. Instead, I just carried my humble little iPhone (airplane mode) and took random conservative snaps all around what might be the most exciting city on Earth.

On Memorial Day, most American hit the beach, but I opted for Mexico’s bulging-at-the-seams, never-sleeps, incandescent capital. Yes, I’ve been before, but I’ve never really had the chance to explore freely among this urban terra incognita. I don’t think there is any other place on Earth that feels so much like a round-the-clock playground as Mexico City. (I also ate my weight in tacos and churros, but that’s what vacation is for, right?)

So how is that any different than what I do all the rest of the year? Well, my jaunt to Mexico City was different because I wasn’t sharing it with all of YOU. I almost feel guilty for that, hence my posting these phone pics a week after the fact.

Overall, I had a splendid time in the world’s largest city, and if any of you have ever considered going, let me second the motion. Mexico City is amazing, in that I was “amazed” every time I stepped out on the street or rode the metro from one stop to another. In fact, I am still amazed now, even back at home in sleepy, sticky DC.

Anyway, thanks for giving me a weekend off. We’ll be hitting the road soon enough and when we do, I promise it will be almost as exciting as Mexico City.