21 best food cities around the world

Our data-backed index of the globe’s most delicious destinations makes for a moveable feast.

One excellent meal is an example. Two is a coincidence. Thousands of excellent meals is a trend. Here we present a data-driven index of the world’s best cities for food lovers, based on qualitative evaluations by locals and visitors alike.

To create this index, we partnered with Resonance Consultancy, a global advisor on economic and tourism development. They measured the number of high-quality restaurants and culinary experiences from online channels (including Google, Facebook, Instagram, and TripAdvisor) in more than 200 cities to identify the world’s most delicious destinations.

With the menu written, the feast commenced. We interviewed local experts to highlight edible adventures in each city on our list, from street food to haute cuisine, iconic dishes, markets, and restaurants. “People are learning that food is the vehicle to understand a culture,” says Marwa Preston, founder of Wanderbeak, a Barcelona-based company that offers gastronomic experiences. “After just a few meals, suddenly the unknown feels familiar.” Eat the world, one bite at a time!

Nevin Martell writes about travel, food, parenting, and pop culture. Follow him on Twitter @nevinmartell.
This article first appeared in the April/May 2019 issue of National Geographic Traveler magazine.