Welcome to Tobago

Six of the best things to do in Tobago

The island of Tobago is one the best destinations to get a taste of the friendly and authentic Caribbean, and being just 27 miles long, it's easily explored in a week.

Top seven most beautiful places in Tobago

From viewpoints to waterfalls to secluded coves, the topography of this tiny Caribbean island will take your breath away.

Tobago’s jungles are full of life

This tiny Caribbean island has the oldest protected wilderness in the western hemisphere. More than 200 bird species call this rainforest home, from the rufous-tailed jacamar to the tiny white-tailed hummingbird.

Wildlife expert Newton George on Tobago

Tobago’s North-East region has been recognised by UNESCO for its unique biodiversity. We talk to Newton George about his love for the island and why visitors should head to the Main Ridge Forest Reserve to witness nature at its most impressive.

Tobago: watch the island come to life

Surrounded by ocean, ringed with beaches and with a thick forested interior, Tobago is a little slice of Caribbean paradise. But from party-loving people to white-tailed hummingbirds, it’s the life bursting from every corner that makes it unforgettable.

Making the most of Tobago’s beaches

This beach-ringed island is an ideal spot for watersports. There’s enough wind to surf year-round, and hop in a canoe on a clear night and you could be in for another spectacle — bioluminescence.

Tobago's food scene

The art of baking on Tobago has been passed down through generations and is indicative of the island’s cuisine. Most recipes are age-old — full of hearty Caribbean flavours and spiced with tradition.

Tobago: in conversation with Alison Sardinha

When Aunty Alison opened the Blue Crab over 30 years ago, little did she know it would become the capital’s most beloved diner. She talks about life on the island and shares a recipe for a local dish.

Tobago, where the party is always in full swing

Almost every weekend throughout the year, a different community holds a party to celebrate harvest. Family, neighbours, travellers — everybody is welcome. Just come prepared to dance ‘til dawn.

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